1.      Courts may only be used by members or their guests.
2.      Appropriate tennis shoes and tennis attire are required at all times. The following clothing is deemed inappropriate: cut-offs, swimwear, jeans, short shorts, running shorts, and men’s tank tops.
3.      Members must call the Tennis Pro Shop (973-762-1160) to register a guest prior to play. Guests must also be signed up with the Tennis Pro or at the Club Front Desk before going on the courts. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of members to sign up their guests. Members who fail to comply with this requirement shall be subject to disciplinary action, including possible fine. At least one member must be on the court when guests are playing. The same guest may play only twice in each month except as otherwise approved by the Tennis Committee. Guests shall wear appropriate tennis attire.
4.      Sign in on blackboard with the time before beginning play on Saturday and Sunday. Failure to do so automatically forfeits time on the court.
5.      Men and women members engaged in full time employment (“Priority Members”) shall have priority on Saturdays, Sundays, and Legal Holidays until 12:00 Noon (“Priority Times”). Full time employment shall mean not less than 25 hours per week. In the event that courts are open during the Priority Times, they may be used by other members and/or guests, provided these courts are immediately yielded to Priority Members wishing to play during such Priority Times.
6.      It has been a tradition that Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 A.M. to 12:00 Noon is used as an opportunity for new members to get acquainted with the tennis group, and in general for everyone to mix and get in and out of games in an unstructured way. Members are therefore asked not to make singles or doubles match dates ahead of time for these hours and to afford the waiting players a chance to get into the game when a set is finished. Obviously, tournament matches and other planned Club events take precedence at all times.
7.      When members are waiting, restrict Doubles to one hour and Singles to 45 minutes.
8.      Courts are not to be played on after rain until they are in suitable condition as determined by the Tennis Pro. Members should call the Pro (973-762-1160) or the Pro’s daily recorded message for information about court condition. Members who fail to comply with this requirement shall be subject to disciplinary action, including possible fine or suspension.
9.      Players must yield at all times to special events, including team practice.
10. Proper Court etiquette is expected at all times. Players shall conduct themselves in such a manner so as not to interfere with the playing enjoyment of others.
11. Tennis Etiquette should be observed at all times PLEASE.
a) Maintain quiet at sidelines.
b) Let ball rolling in adjacent court be returned by player there.
c) Do not walk behind players while play is in progress.
d) Do not litter. Put all waste in receptacles.
e) Yield the court PROMPTLY when your time is up.
f) Use the gate that will cause the least disturbance to others.
12. Members dropping out of events or Special Tournaments within 48 hours of event or tournament will be charged the cost of the event or Special Tournament unless they provide a suitable substitute. It is the members’ responsibility to call or contact the Tennis Professional.
13. Courts are closed on Mondays and shall not be used. Members who fail to comply with this requirement shall be subject to disciplinary action, including fine, suspension, or expulsion. This rule is required to be in compliance with insurance policies and to ensure proper court maintenance and repair.
14. Interpretation of these rules shall be by the Tennis Pro, subject to review only by the Tennis Committee or so many Tennis Committee members as shall be present at the time the question of interpretation shall arise.